Enthusiasm, Dynamism, Elegance.

JustW is a company on a human scale, which favors personalized contact and optimal communication. Our objective is twofold: the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers and the development of our employees.

A single contact at your disposal. For a better reactivity: Your estimate is sent to you within 48 hours. Your requests are centralized with a single contact and processed immediately. Because the comfort and serenity of your group does not wait. The event is prepared now, is lived in the moment. We are at your disposal, without delay.

Delegate to us with confidence. Welcoming and supporting your guests has been our business for many years and rigorous organization is an integral part of our know-how. Take a worry out of your mind. And concentrate on your customers, employees or participants. We answer for you, we anticipate for you. Live the event and remove one stressful element from your to-do list.

Opt for the Elegance of style and smile A host or hostess is the first face that represents your company or brand. We take care of the touch of smile, the discreet and reassuring voice, the contained and gracious gesture that will ensure the reception and support of your guests in a serene atmosphere.

Human Heat

Listening skills


Wanda Costa

Founder and manager of the agency.

With a solid experience in the event industry and a passion for human contact, Wanda Costa created the agency after having experienced and understood the requirements of the event industry. Her skills and enthusiasm are expressed in a concept of personalized reception, based on the proximity with her customers and the creation of a strong team spirit with her collaborators.